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Talita Smit
4 weeks ago

I always support BLCK Vapour because their service is absolutely amazing and fast and their products are great value and quality.I have not purchased in a while cause i buy in bulk and mix my own liquid but i had to restock on some flavour concentrates and when i received my order i was absolutely blown away by the thank you lil candies they sent with the order but not for the candies because its made into their logo which i think is so brilliant and a perfect touch to an order.Well done guys!!keep up the great work and service!! quote

Ivan Wessels
2 months ago

It's insane how good the service is, it's also extremely fast. And it's like that every time, it does not matter what time of year or day, they are always on point. I just want to say congratulations on structuring such a well organized business, it's very impressive. quote

Renaldo The iDad Dude
2 months ago

There are quite a few suppliers in this game, but none that has consistently gone that extra mile to help me out and always exceed expectations. Well done guys & gals. You are stars indeed. quote

Red Dune Holdings Red dune Vape

I've been mixing juice since it came into SA, and I've also been buying from BLCk ever since their opening, NEVER have I been disappointed, I've been ordering from top of SA 'Mpumalanga to Cape town and ALWAYS get the best products and service every single time!!! BEST of The BEST!! quote

Cassy Klugkist
2 months ago

Been buying from this company since 2018, excellent service, high quality products and they always willing to help. Will not buy my supplies anywhere else. Keep it up! quote

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