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AuNic 50mg Salt Nicotine Shot (VG) (30ml)

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A customized nicotine shot enables users to easily reach their desired strength when mixed with base liquid and flavouring.

AuNic Salt Additives: Tailored Nicotine Salt Solutions

100mg/ml Strength Salt Nicotine, intended to be mixed with 30ml of PG flavouring. When diluted, it achieves a final strength of 50mg salt nicotine e-liquid.

Nicotine Salts are a form of nicotine that is combined with an acid to create a smoother and more potent experience. Unlike traditional freebase nicotine, nicotine salts are absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly, providing a quicker nicotine hit. This formulation is often preferred by users seeking higher nicotine levels without the harsh throat hit.

  • Not intended for use at high wattages or in sub-ohm devices,
  • Not suitable for use in pouches, lozenges, or for ingestion.
  • Not to be used alone. Dilute before use.
  • VG Based (BP Grade).
  • 100mg/ml Strength Nicotine
Minimum order quantity: 10 Units.
Lead Time: 3-5 Days.

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerine,  BP Grade Nicotine. 

Disclaimer: By using this product, you confirm that you have the appropriate knowledge and facilities to handle it safely. Always wear gloves (nitrile) when using this product and use it at your own risk.

Warning: Concentrated nicotine is extremely dangerous. This nicotine strength is extremely potent and if handled improperly could result in serious injury or death. Nicotine is highly addictive. Not recommended for breastfeeding or pregnant women. Keep away from children & pets. Not for sale or use by under 18s. Not to be ingested or used on its own. Toxic if swallowed. If ingested, seek medical attention immediately & call poison control: 0861-555-777

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