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Chubby Gorilla Bottles (Black)

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Experience unparalleled convenience with Chubby Gorilla Bottles (Black). The Unicorn Bottle® features a one-motion assembly, a refined drip tip, and a smooth rotational closure. Engineered to ensure consistent flow and security.

Key Features:

  • One Motion Assembly, All-In-One SmartCap
  • Refined Narrow Drip Tip with Easy-Flow Dispensing
  • Smooth HoverGLIDE Rotational Suspension Closure
  • Soft Squeeze PET Bottle
  • Lock-On Tamper Evident Break-Off Band
  • Liquid Leak-Blocker
  • Ease-Squeeze Construction for Consistent and Natural Flow Rate
  • Child-Resistant Closure
  • Embossed with Proprietary, Signature Gorilla Logo as Stamp of Absolute Quality and Authenticity

Crafted with precision in mind, each bottle incorporates key elements for optimal performance.

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