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JEL Flavours Longfill - SNLV 18 Ice

Regular price R 185.00

Bursting with flavour, this juice is sure to please every fruit lover! An orgasmic combo of mouth-watering juicy fruits dance on your tastebuds! Now on Ice. Brought to you by JEL Flavours aka Joose-e-Liqz

- 30ml of Flavouring packaged in a 120ml Bottle
- Mix with 80ml Base (sold separately) for best results
- This product is not for inhalation 
- Add base to flavouring first and shake

Optional: Add 10ml shot (sold separately)

Mixed at 25%
Makes 120ml

RRP (Recommended Retail Price):

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Available Sizes: 120ml Chubby Gorilla Bottle with 30ml Flavouring ONLY
Ingredients: Natural & Artificial Flavouring based in propylene glycol, sucralose and WS23

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